Bauhaus Film

Brought by the Goethe Institut and the Bauhaus Foundation the exhibition BAUHAUS FILM was for two months exhibited in Sala Matta of the Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes in Chile. A school board served as the introduction, 12 hanging big screens with translucent fabric presented the films in a double panorama and a final space with 9 interviews to the fundamental pillars of the school presented the full story of what happened in the recognised school relating film and animation.

Year: 2014

Location: Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes, Santiago, Chile

Developed with: Christian Hiller (Curator)

Support: Sebastián Garrido and Marcelo Zunino


Bauhaus-film-exhibition-jose-delano-1 Bauhaus-film-exhibition-jose-delano-2 Bauhaus-film-exhibition-jose-delano-3 Bauhaus-film-exhibition-jose-delano-4 Bauhaus-film-exhibition-jose-delano-5 Bauhaus-film-exhibition-jose-delano-6Bauhaus-film-exhibition-jose-delano-8 Bauhaus-film-exhibition-jose-delano-9Bauhaus-film-exhibition-jose-delano-11 Bauhaus-film-exhibition-jose-delano-11b Bauhaus-film-exhibition-jose-delano-7Bauhaus-film-exhibition-jose-delano-10Bauhaus-film-exhibition-jose-delano-12

Skills: Designer
Client: Goethe Institut + Bauhaus Foundation