The first intervention of the collective VISUAL PUBLIC SERVICE was called “Windows”. We involved 18 shop keepers, (cheese shop, estate agent, beauty parlour, opticians, etc). We filmed each employer at work and interviewed them getting to undestrand their life and occupation. The idea was to transform each one of them into artist exhibiting in the Bienalle.

The windows of their shops were intervined with either statements demanding a question or parodies of the text underneath art works in museums, using their shops and products as art galleries and art works themselves. At night the façades of these shops and neighbouring corners had on them video projections that simulated neon signs. These old school looking publicity neons seemed at first to be offering products and slogans, but once seen the animated neon movement they had and the content in them, made a direct link to the idea happening in the daytime, where the shops were turned into art galleries.

Year: 2013

Space: Via Garibaldi and Arsenale

Location: Venice, Italy

Visual Public Service is also: Santiago Elordi, Kate MacDonald and Sebastián Garrido

Support: Students of third year of the school of design of the Universidad Finis Terrae

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Skills: Artist