30 A4 sheets of ceramics were printed with all forms needed by a refugee seeking for asylum in Germany. They were set on a low table making a grid of 6×5 sheets that conformed an image 180 x 120 cm of a refugee arriving to his destination. The image was taken from a detail of a photograph in the media of a group of refugees arriving to Germany. The piece exhibited the contrast between the two roads a refugee had to take to be accepted in Germany, the one they walked (the Balcan route) and the bureaucracy one the German government has which can take up to 6 times more than the one they walked.

Year: 2016

Glazed Ceramics

205 x 120 cm (30 A4 sheets)

welcome-installation-jose-delanowelcome-installation-jose-delano-3 welcome-installation-jose-delano-4 welcome-installation-jose-delano-5welcome-installation-jose-delano-2

Skills: Artist