Zoomorfología Salvaje

For the open hall of the Centro Cultural la Moneda, was commissioned an installation that could welcome visitors to the exhibition the cultural center was having called “Africa”. The exhibition had pieces relating all aspects of the African continent apart from their animals. The installation proposed to have a free herd of African animals “moving” about in the open hall. All animals were done in silkscreen printed cardboard and had their real scale.

Year: 2013

Medium: 8 animals (different dimensions) made with silkscreened folded cardboard

Space: 800 mts2

Location: CCLM, Santiago, Chile

Associated with: Felipe Ovalle

Support: Sebastián Garrido, Paola Torres, Sergio Marcelo Gallardo

africa-animals-intallation-jose-delano-2 africa-animals-intallation-jose-delano-4 africa-animals-intallation-jose-delano-5 africa-animals-intallation-jose-delano-6 africa-animals-intallation-jose-delano-7 africa-animals-intallation-jose-delano-8 africa-animals-intallation-jose-delano-9africa-animals-intallation-jose-delano

Skills: Artist
Client: Centro Cultural la Moneda