1146 Paper Boats

This installation took place as part of the third intervention of the collective VISUAL PUBLIC SERVICE. 1146 paper boats were installed for a week in Oranienplatz, a place that has been a symbol for refugees in Berlin for decades.

The origami boats are made with official asylum forms from the Bundesamt for Migration und Flüchtling (the official german federal office). The goal behind the installation was to give awareness of the complicated bureaucracy they were living and the possibility to visualise the number of refugees living in Berlin since the beginning of 2015 to the date of the installation (august 2016). Each boat symbolised 50 persons, so proportionally if we calculated the equation, we could reach the official number: 57.300

This number generated an increase of Berlin’s population in only 1,6%.

Year: 2016

Space: Oranienplatz, Kreuzberg 36

Location: Berlin, Germany

Visual Public Service is also: Santiago Elordi, Kate MacDonald and Sebastián Garrido

Support: Juan Ignacio Viveros and students from third year of the school of design of the Universidad Finis Terrae

1146-paper-Boats-Jose-Delano-1 1146-paper-Boats-Jose-Delano-2 1146-paper-Boats-Jose-Delano-3 1146-paper-Boats-Jose-Delano-4 1146-paper-Boats-Jose-Delano-5 1146-paper-Boats-Jose-Delano-6 1146-paper-Boats-Jose-Delano-71146-paper-boats-jose-delano-8

Skills: Artist