Newcomers Public Kino

A public cinema (Kino) was installed in the heart of Kreuzberg, Moritzplatz as part of the third intervention of the collective VISUAL PUBLIC SERVICE. A 12 minute film was projected in loop for 7 nights giving newcomers in Berlin (refugees form Syria) a protagonist role in their new neighbourhood.

25 non edited phrases taken form interviews with newcomers of all ages and gender were animated and projected on a large scale cinema which could be seen from all angles in this high transited area of Berlin.

Some of the selected phrases were: We thank the German people, We chose this destination, Here there aren’t any problems, We understand your fears, I would prefer not to have come as a refugee, My life before was perfect, If I were with my family everyday would be a celebration, I wish a free life.

Year: 2016

Space: Prinzessinnengarten, Moritzplatz, Kreuzberg.

Location: Berlin, Germany

Visual Public Service is also: Santiago Elordi, Kate MacDonald and Sebastián Garrido

Support: Juan Ignacio Viveros and students from third year of the school of design of the Universidad Finis Terrae

Skills: Artist