Zwischen Räumen

Invited as external curator to ZKR in Berlin to bring a new dialogue into Gordon Matta-Clark’s work we came up with: “Between Spaces”. In the exhibition 15 artists examine questions and contradictions found in urban life. The exhibition places work by Gordon Matta-Clark and perspectives on East Berlin into a dialogue with current artistic positions.

The featured artists appropriate unused spaces and lend new forms to the inconspicuous spaces in-between. From 1970s New York to 1980s East Berlin and the global village of today, the exhibition brings together these various frames of reference – thus itself shifting “between spaces”. A historical point of departure is the pioneering work of Gordon Matta-Clark, the New York artist who began cutting buildings in the 1970s to reveal their innermost core, and who created places of social interaction on urban wastelands. Matta-Clark revolutionised the practice of art in the public realm, and to this day remains a source of inspiration for contemporary artists.

Artistic Positions:
Annemirl Bauer (DE), Sibylle Bergemann (DE), Simon Faithfull (UK), Antje Fretwurst-Colberg (DE), Brigitte Fugmann (DE), Raumlabor (DE), Gordon Matta-Clark (US), Isa Melsheimer (DE), Sabine Peuckert (DE), Andrea Pichl (DE), Marjetica Potrč (SI), KUNSTrePUBLIK (DE), Tomás Saraceno (AR), Diana Sirianni (IT), Ursula Strozynski (DE)

Year: 2017

Space: 800 mts2

Location: ZKR (Zentrum für Kunst und Öffentlichen Raum), Berlin

Other curators: Katja Aßman, Christian Hiller and Nina Mende


Skills: Designer, Curator